Scotts Bluff County
Creighton Valley Cemetery

A very special Thank You to Joann Johns and the Creighton Valley Cemetery Board for allowing me the opportunity to work with their records.....Floyd

AkersBritneyKay 09-25-199103-06-1992Daughter of Frank, Jr. & Traci (Wyman)Akers
AkersFrankJoseph (Baby)08-2000Son of Frank, Jr. & Traci (Wyman)Akers
AustinDannyLyle 11-20-195509-27-1974Son of Guy & Bonnie Austin
AustinStevenJames 01-20-198405-10-1984Son of James & Julie Austin
Baker(Baby)    Daughter of Mr. & Mrs. Ed C. Baker
BarronL.J. (Baby)  
BogueMaryE. 01-28-186702-20-1947 
BrillantRichardW. (Baby)1933Son of Robert & Alice (Winchell)Brillant
BrockAlansonI. 18621943Husband to Effie Brock
BrockEffieM. 18721937Wife of Alanson Brock
BurgardMichaelAllen 07-20-198207-20-1982Son of Duane & Jolene Burgard
CamerzellH.  (Baby)  
CampbellLynnN. 05-30-195207-21-1999Wife of William R. Campbell -- married 03-30-1975
ChrismanEvelynJ.(Wadley)09-27-192607-20-2000Wife of Lloyd Chrisman
ChrismanLloydM. 12-26-189002-16-1991Husband to Evelyn Chrisman
ChrismanNorval "Pat"03-17-192706-26-1992Husband to Faye Chrisman
ClarkMadelineR."Madge"02-24-191412-12-1984Wife of Melvin Clark
ClarkMelvinF. 03-14-191204-30-1988Husband to Madeline Clark
CleekJackieMae 19241925 
ClureElsie  01-18-189512-06-1975Wife of Emmitt Clure
ClureJohnEmmitt 11-10-188804-20-1963Husband to Elsie Clure
CobertWilliamRobert 10-01-198504-30-1988 
ColeHoward  12-10-191512-23-1976Sgt. - U.S. Army / Husband to Violet (Bernhardt)Cole -- married 06-16-1947
ColeRayE. 04-19-192004-21-2000 
ColeStephenC. 12-18-196810-24-1992Son of Ray & Vernita (Sanders)Cole
ColeVioletIrene(Bernhardt)11-04-191603-30-1997Wife of Howard Cole
ColerickCalvinLee 02-03-194712-14-1995Husband to Cynthia -- married 09-09-1967
ColerickFaye (Evans)03-19-191003-25-1991Wife of Fred Colerick
ColerickFredA. 11-10-190709-28-1984Husband to Faye Colerick -- married 11-10-1928
ConklinRichardD. 12-08-197208-31-1991Husband to Tracy Conklin -- married 07-05-1991
Crismond(Baby)  19166 wks old**No Marker**
CrismondWilliamO (Baby)06-02-1905 
CurtisJamesEarl 05-23-194210-10-2001 
DarnallGraceB. 07-20-187902-27-1957Wife of Harry C. Darnall
DarnallHarold  (Baby)  
DarnallHarryC. 02-09-187803-21-1942Husband to Grace B. Darnall
DarnallLindaRay (Baby)07-07-1952Daughter of Harold & Virginia Darnall
DarnallScott  (Baby)1939Son of Walt & Harriet Darnall
DarnallVirginiaAlta 01-19-19182003Wife of Harold Darnall -- married 08-07-1950
DavidEmersonLloyd 11-05-188901-19-1939Husband to Sadie "Birdie" David (10-20-1896 - 01-24-1982) ~ Buried at New Plymoth, ID
DavisSarahAnn 08-21-186204-05-1890 
DetrickAltaMay 18911923 
DetrickMrs. (Robertson)  Daughter of John Robertson
DetrickWilbur  (Baby)09-26-1928Twin Brother of Willard Detrick
DetrickWillard  (Baby)10-25-1928Twin Brother of Wilbur Detrick
DickinsonAliceJ.(Craig)06-07-192110-30-1980Wife of Don S. Dickinson
DickinsonAngieMabel (Baby)12-13-1963Daughter of Alice & Don Dickinson
DickinsonCoraAnne 18861952Wife of Ray Dickinson
DickinsonDonS. 10-08-191304-16-1996Husband to Alice J. Dickinson
DickinsonErnestE. 07-07-189003-01-1979Husband to Goldie Dickinson
DickinsonFloydW. 18871935Husband to Mabel Dickinson
DickinsonGoldieE. 18931963Wife of Ernest Dickinson
DickinsonHelenD.(Safford)18541926Wife of Seymour Dickinson / Daughter of John L. & Salley (Munson)Safford
DickinsonMabelE. 18681951Wife of Floyd Dickinson
DickinsonMyrtleM.(Johns)03-20-189712-30-1978Wife of Warren C. Dickinson
DickinsonRay  05-08-188502-15-1958Husband to Cora Dickinson / Son of Seymour S. & Helen (Safford)Dickinson
DickinsonSeymourS. 18381923Husband to Helen Dickinson / Son of Nathan & Jane (White)Dickinson
DickinsonVirginiaMae (Baby)05-12-1928Daughter of Warren & Myrtle Dickinson
DickinsonWarrenC. 02-16-189301-16-1970Husband to Myrtle Dickinson -- married 06-25-1919
Dodds(Baby)  (Baby)06-24-1933 
DoddsWilliamO. 18641936 
DuttonKatieL. 18661946Wife of William Dutton
DuttonLeonellaS. 09-13-190412-25-1991Wife of Wilbur Dutton
DuttonRobertE. 19091910Son of William & Katie Dutton
DuttonWilburJ. 09-16-190303-07-1990Husband to Leonella Dutton
DuttonWilliamA. 18621942Husband to Katie Dutton
FergusonLauraMay 02-28-187906-24-1943 
Fisher(Infant)  02-26-194902-26-1949Daughter of Clayton & Areta Fisher
FisherAreta  19161962Wife of Clayton Fisher
FisherClayton  19161967Husband to Areta Fisher
FisherJaniceAnnette   Daughter of Clayton & Areta Fisher
Folmsbee(Infant Son)  (Baby)01-18-1907Son of Clifford & Olive Folmsbee
FolmsbeeEthelMary (Baby)3yrs 11mosDaughter of Stephen & Mary Folmsbee
FolmsbeeMaryElizabeth(Quick)06-27-184309-19-1923Wife of Stephen Folmsbee / Daughter of George & Susan (Lyons)Quick
FolmsbeeStephenS. 08-31-183303-20-1919Husband to Mary Folmsbee / Son of Isaac & Debora (Swift)Folmsbee
FoosBryantLee 10-16-195609-03-1980 
FoosElizabeth  10-16-190105-18-1988Wife of Jacob Foos
FoosGeraldineM.(Banta)06-12-193603-07-1991Wife of Robert Foos
FrenchAnnaLowa(Dickinson)18771969Wife of John E. French / Daughter of Seymour & Helen (Safford)Dickinson
FrenchDorisM. 11-14-190210-12-1997 
FrenchJohnElkanah 06-05-187606-10-1974Husband to Anna L. French -- married 11-05-1898
GatchC.E. 186908-15-1950Husband to Leah L. Gatch
GatchLeahL.(Williams)02-08-18791960Wife of C. E. Gatch
GatchPhillipT."Uncle Phil"187711-06-1941 
GatchRexAylette 12-11-190905-19-1912Son of C.E. & L.L. Gatch
GatchSarahJ. 18441911Mother of C.E. & Phillip Gatch
Grabe(Baby)  (Baby)05-24-1930Daughter of Dave & Amelia Grabe
GrossRena (Randall)03-09-191107-03-2001Wife of Robert Gross
GrossRobertF. 04-18-190801-22-1988Husband to Rena Gross -- married 08-28-1927
GuettlerA.Lorene 03-19-192105-30-1986 
GuettlerJerryAlan 07-25-194012-24-1963A2C 1992 Comm SQ AF
GustinEarlW. 02-17-191204-08-1978Husband to Lorene Gustin -- married 08-14-1956
GustinLoreneM. 08-27-191505-28-1998Wife of Earl Gustin
Hammond(Infant)  (Infant)02-04-1904Child of F.J. & M.J. Hammond
HammondMinnie  12-16-186907-02-1957Daughter of Thomas James
HathawayEdnaM. 05-09-189710-20-1897Child of E. & L.M. Hathaway
HathawayVictorE. 04-24-189008-27-1891Son of E. & L. M. (Randall)Hathaway
HayesDavidP.  1892 
HenrichConrad  12-23-189007-20-1914 
HillMarthaM. 03-05-181412-07-1897Donated the Land for the Cemtery -- Deed on File
HizelVictor  02-24-192612-14-1999Husband to Iona -- married 08-30-1953
HoukAdaMarie(Ross)07-18-19172003Wife of Wayne C. Houk
HoukKarenEstelle 06-14-194111-05-1941 
HoukWayneC. 03-10-191602-16-1985Husband to Ada Houk
HowardWesleyWayne 06-25-192510-21-1993 
HullingerElizabeth (Steen)12-29-191308-31-1997Wife of Floyd Hullinger
HullingerFloydO. 12-08-190311-09-1989Husband to Elizabeth Hullinger
HuntDorothea  19152004Wife of Milton R. Hunt
HuntMiltonR. 19111995Husband to Dorothea Hunt
HuppJennieL.(Folmsbee) / "Jane"03-27-186505-01-1909 
JamesThomasJ. 02-11-184709-17-1930 
JohnsEarlF. 02-27-190505-05-1993Husband to Myrna Johns / Son of William & Louisa Johns
JohnsErnestE. 08-26-189507-23-1976Husband to Margaret Johns / Son of William & Louisa Johns
JohnsHelenM. 09-12-190710-03-1988Wife of Roy Johns
JohnsLouisaS. 18731928Wife of William Johns
JohnsMargaretV.(Nichols)01-22-189808-12-1974Wife of Ernest Johns
JohnsRoyC. 07-24-190311-19-1996Husband to Helen Johns / Son of William & Louisa Johns
JohnsWilburJ. 19071918Son of William & Louisa Johns
JohnsWilliam  18681934Husband to Louisa Johns
JohnsonOrvalHiram 09-09-190408-06-1988Son of Joe R. & Anna Johnson
JohnsonPerry  02-13-190803-03-1908Son of Joe R. & Anna Johnson
KaufmanAdam  09-01-198909-02-1989Son of Mark & Jill Kaufman / Twin Brother of Brian
KaufmanBrian  09-01-198909-02-1989Son of Mark & Jill Kaufman / Twin Brother of Adam
KaufmanNadineFay 12-06-193903-13-1940 
KaufmanVioletVirginia 03-09-192601-04-1927Daughter of Henry & Anna Kaufman
KehnJake  10-25-191104-23-1981Husband to Marian A. Kehn
KehnMarianA. 05-26-191801-08-1999Wife of Jake Kehn
KehnVioletVirginia 08-19-193706-10-1938Daughter of Jake & Marian Kehn
KisnerCharlesAllen 12-19-192611-28-1982Son of Floyd & Etha (Gatch)Kisner
KisnerClarenceA."Shorty"08-18-18911973Husband to Elsie Kisner
KisnerDelmaLydia 05-10-191910-15-1919Daughter of Floyd & Etha Kisner
KisnerElsieHeloise 18981923Wife of Clarence Kisner
KisnerEthaFay 06-09-190006-14-1978Wife of Floyd A. Kisner
KisnerFloydA. 06-12-189808-21-1981Husband to Etha F. Kisner -- married 07-21-1918
KisnerLolaM. 19172002 
KlassertLorenM. 08-27-191509-28-2001Son of Samuel & Maude Kisner
KlassertMaude (Folmsbee)11-01-188210-18-1972Wife of Samuel Klassert / Early Pioneer of 1886
KlassertSamuel  18811969Husband to Maude Klassert / Early Pioneer of 1886
LaneMarthaAnn 08-28-193511-10-1999Wife of William O. Lane
LarsonLeroyG. 12-04-190701-17-1908Son of Lou Larson
LarsonSusanathM 18841921 
Learned(Mrs.) L.J.  18451916 
LearnedArthurM. 04-06-187511-14-1959Husband to Fannie Learned
LearnedFannieM. 12-22-189005-03-1976Wife of Arthur Learned
LearnedPhilSheridan 188806-10-1932Fireman 1st CL - US Navy
LeeGeorgeR. 08-16-188508-09-1909Nephew of Robert Lee
LeeMaryEsther 02-02-189803-17-1903Daughter of Robert & Stella Lee
LeeMaryM. 05-15-182802-28-1909Mother of Robert Lee
LeeRobertM. 07-24-187111-27-1920Son of Mary M. Lee
LewisRossHenry 04-03-192104-16-1983 
LissmanMyrtle (Colerick)01-21-194502-21-1985Daughter of Fred & Faye Colerick
Lively(Baby)    Child of Clarence Lively
Lively(Baby)    Child of Clarence Lively
MartinAmeliaMollie 12-15-189901-23-1971Wife of David Martin
MartinDavid  04-10-189409-14-1976Husband to Amelia Martin
MartinLloyd (Martyn) 04-10-1939Son of Earl & Naomi Ware
MartindaleDaniel  18271928 
MartindaleSusanJane 18601951 
MartsCalvin    Son of Milo Marts
MartsMargretM. 08-10-186506-05-1910 
MartsMiloD. 10-25-188208-02-1953Husband to Bertha (Sprigs)Marts / Son of Charles & Nellie (Stein)Marts
McCue(Infant)  (Infant)05-05-1915Daughter of Albert & Hattie McCue
McCue(Infant)  (Infant)09-29-1900Daughter of Albert & Hattie McCue
McCueAlbertF. 18761950Husband to Hattie McCue
McCueClintonE. 19351938Son of Paul & Vera L. (Twombly)McCue
McCueEddisG. 18651938Husband to Ida McCue
McCueHattieM. 06-16-18811952Wife of Albert McCue
McCueIdaA. 18721952Wife of Eddis McCue
McCueIsaacN. 18381913 
McCueNewtonC. 07-21-189606-22-1968Son of Ed & Ida McCue
McCuePaulE. 02-14-189910-02-1973Husband to Vera (Twombly)McCue
McCueVeraL.(Twombly)06-07-190711-01-1992Wife of Paul McCue
McCueVirginiaL. 19301930Daughter of Paul & Vera (Twombly)McCue
McLaughlinEmmett, Jr.   1937Son of Emmett & Ann McLaughlin
MeterAlex  09-06-19112004Husband to Emma Meter
MeterFred  09-26-191305-20-1987Husband to Leola Meter -- married 08-09-1947
MetzRuthA. 01-30-191206-09-1987Wife of Walter Metz
MetzWalterP. 01-27-191107-06-1989Husband to Ruth Metz
MillerAnnaLouise 02-07-191504-20-1927 
MosherPhilip  18561941 
NationClara    Wife of William Nation
NationWilliamBaylor 18721938Husband to Clara Nation
NelsonCharlesH. 08-08-187308-16-1951Husband to Mary Anna Nelson
NelsonHildaJosephine 04-29-189803-12-1914Daughter of Charles & Mary Nelson
NelsonMaryAnna"Anna Marie"04-30-187104-11-1957Wife of Charles Nelson
NicholsMelvinA. 12-14-188601-21-1968 
NicholsRuth  06-15-189808-02-1990 
OrmeEdwardHarry 05-27-195810-27-1994Son of Harry & Ella Orme
OrmeHarrySidney 11-29-191309-26-19701st Husband to Ella Orme
Orme/McQuireEllaLouise(Randall)11-28-192707-17-1997Wife of Harry Orme
PalmerGlenda (Wayman)02-17-194811-15-1984 
RandallCoraL.(Folmsbee)18671948Wife of Frank Randall
RandallDarrellDean 10-22-190610-23-19431st Husband to Ruthie Mae (Holt)Randall
RandallDarwinDwain 19361936Son of Darrell & Ruthie (Holt)Randall
RandallDeanE. 09-09-187112-06-1971Husband to Sadie Randall
RandallFrankE. 18621915Pioneer of 1886
RandallJamesE. 09-07-193106-27-1991 
RandallLucyE. 04-16-184911-20-1887Wife of J.M. Randall
RandallRichardDean 19281928Son of Darrell & Ruthie (Holt)Randall
RandallSaraElizabeth(Belden)12-23-188307-02-1974Wife of Dean Randall
Randall/WilliamsonRuth (Holt)12-18-190803-05-2000 
RichardAnnaS. 18871937 
RichardLeah  19181919Daughter of Anna Richard
RobertsAgnesE. 19001954Wife of Benjamin F. Roberts
RobertsBenjaminF. 04-10-187002-19-1951Husband to Agnes Roberts / Son of Israel & Elizabeth Roberts
RobertsElizabeth (Lee)18441925Wife of Israel Roberts
RobertsIsrael  18331899Husband to Elizabeth Roberts
RobertsLeonidas  09-04-189708-17-1907Son of Benjamin & Agnes Roberts
RobertsonJamesF. 07-11-189708-18-1908Son of John & Myrtle (Folmsbee)Robertson / Twin Bother of John O. Robertson
RobertsonJohn  07-27-18631943Husband to Myrtle Robertson
RobertsonJohn  19351938 
RobertsonJohnO. 07-12-189708-10-1974PFC - U.S. Army / Son of John & Myrtle (Folmsbee)Robertson / Twin Brother of James F. Robertson
RobertsonMyrtleMay(Folmsbee)18681936Wife of John Robertson
RobinsonGladysM.(Dickinson)07-04-191303-19-1990Wife of Raymond Robinson
RobinsonRaymondR. 19111987Husband to Gladys (Dickinson)Robinson
RomickRobertDon  04-02-1948Son of Chris & Betty Romick
RoseAnnettaMay(Crismond)11-27-189405-31-1952Wife of Floyd Rose
RoseFloydErwin 03-20-189206-08-1949Husband to Annetta Rose
RoseHaroldErvin 02-11-191604-02-1916Son of Floyd & Annetta Rose
RoseWilliamR."Bill"03-18-192512-03-2000Husband to Betty Rose
RossAnnaC. 09-12-190706-21-1908 
RossEvaMay(Dutton)06-27-189009-28-1965Wife of John Ross
RossGeneEvan  01-13-1938 
RossJeanMarie  10-22-1938 
RossJohnEdward 03-06-188401-23-1962Husband to Eva Ross
RossNed   06-21-1916Son of John & Eva Ross
RothmanPatriciaL.(Cole)07-04-193406-09-1975Daughter of Howard & Violet (Bernhardt)Cole
SaffordAmanda  18391922 
SaffordBerthaC. 18941939Wife of Harry Safford
SaffordBettyJ. 19221936Daughter of Harry & Bertha Safford
SaffordEttaDorothy(Waddell)18871989Daughter of Mary Bogue / Married a Safford
SaffordHarryH. 06-11-18911975Husband to Bertha Safford
SchmidtAlbert  06-25-192702-04-1986Husband to Mary A. Schmidt -- married 11-02-1952
SchmidtEricRoger (Baby)06-09-1984Son fo Roger & Linda Schmidt
SchmidtFred, Sr.  18891962Husband to Mary K. Schmidt
SchmidtHelen  09-17-192304-13-1924 
SchmidtMaryAlice 06-08-193202-04-2000Wife of Albert Schmidt
SchmidtMaryK. 18881967Wife of Fred Schmidt Sr.
SchukeiReinholdJ. 09-30-192002-21-1999Husband to Alice Schukei
SchumanBen  03-09-189406-12-1973Husband to Elnora Schuman
SchumanElnora (Johns)03-09-190103-23-1979Wife of Ben Schuman
SchumanHarryB. 09-19-189711-17-1970 
SchumanHarryLee 01-11-193405-17-2000 
SchwartzFred  12-16-192803-03-1929 
SeaderDavid  02-11-188811-14-1918Husband to Anna Seader
SeaderEva  07-31-189012-04-1919Wife of Adam Seader
SederCarolina  01-12-191501-30-1915Daughter of John H. & Elizabeth Ann Seder
ShaulMatildaEmoline 01-18-183811-05-1918Wife of Aaron H. Shaul
Skaw(Baby)  (Baby)06-05-1935Daughter of Ivan & Stella (Nelson)Skaw
Smith(Twin Baby)    Child of Harry & Lena Smith
Smith(Twin Baby)    Child of Harry & Lena Smith
StephensCharlesB. 01-22-189710-26-1936Husband to Martha Stephens
StephensMarthaCatheryn 08-09-187402-05-1956Wife of Charles Stephens
ThomasEdnaA. 18821968Wife of Francis Thomas
ThomasFrancisH. 12-19-186707-10-1956Husband to Edna Thomas
ThompsonLizzie (Martindale)10-06-186812-03-1900Daughter of ?.J. & M.J. Martindale
TrevinoGabriel  03-18-188411-05-1933 
TwomblyJames  19331933 
TwomblyLeonard  19081978Husband to Nellie Twombly
TwomblyNellieMae(Johns)19101995Wife of Leonard Twombly / Daughter of William & Louisa Johns
VanWinkleLoreanE.(Johns)01-25-191507-16-1963Wife of Melvin VanWinkle / Daughter of William & Louisa Johns
VanWinkleM.Merle 08-27-193802-19-1999Husband to Terryle VanWinkle
VanWinkleMelvinClarence 09-19-191509-09-1963Husband to Lorean VanWinkle
VanWinkleTerryleJ.(Goeble)08-19-194210-30-2002Wife of M. Merle VanWinkle
VogelJeanE. 03-06-19222004Wife of Ralph Vogel
VogelMarionW. 10-03-194607-20-1984Son of Ralph & Jean Vogel -- Husband to Char Sedlacek
VogelRalphS."Pete"09-30-191911-30-1981Husband to Jean Vogel
WalkerLeona (Folmsbee)07-05-186303-21-1953Daughter of Stephen & Mary (Quick)Folmsbee
WaymanJuneM. 06-03-191209-24-1991Wife of Rex Wayman
WaymanRex  04-16-190305-14-1985Husband to June Wayman
WeimerTimothyRay 09-08-195005-19-1987 
WhitakerClaribel  18941964Husband to Ruth Whitaker
WhitakerGeorge, Jr.K. 04-27-190502-16-1985Son of George K. Whitaker. Sr.
WhitakerGeorge, Sr.K. 18621948Husband to Miranda Whitaker / Son of Bland & Fanny Whitaker
WhitakerJackson  19031990 
WhitakerMiranda (Carpenter)18681953Wife of George Whitaker, Sr.
WhitakerRuth  18961977Wife of Claribel Whitaker
WhiteHaroldL. 08-03-189309-04-1951Husband to Margaret White
WhiteLawrenceL. 07-06-193006-08-1993 
WhiteMargaret (Ceola)04-17-189307-09-1970Wife of Harold White
WoodElla (Johnson)1859 Wife of Joseph P. Wood
WoodJosephP. 12-11-185704-06-1951Husband to Ella (Johnson)Wood
WoodLeroy  09-23-188801-12-1892Son of Joseph & Ella (Johnson)Wood
WoodWalterRiley 05-12-190702-27-1908Son of Mr. & Mrs. Delmar Wood
WyniaDonnaMae (Infant)10-26-1940Daughter of Clifford & Kay Wynia
YakelAlexW. 07-28-190805-12-1981 
ZehnerErnest  02-24-18601930Son of William & Catherine (Maar)Zehner

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