Scotts Bluff County
1932 Mitchell Index
Obituary Index

Obituary index provided by Elona Smith
Retyped in a database format by Walter Owen

November 031AbelOra FrederickChild of M/M Oran Abel01-28-1930??11-01-1932
August 251BirchellFrank A.Widow Survives????08-25-1932
August 042CampbellMalcom ??6-4-1939 ??8-1932
September 291CampbellRobert ?? ????9-24-1932
November 103CannanJohn H. ??1848 ??11-1-1932
November 246ClayLaura ??1864 ??11-9-1932
August 048CowenElisha M.Widow Survives ?? ??8-2-1932
December 081CraigRoy C.Widow Survives ?? ??12-4=1932
December 221DeanD.R. Mrs. Dean, dau of H. Edwards ?? ??12-19-1932
September 155DeLaMatterMattie AliceE.S. DeLaMatter9-3-18755-8-19009-12-1932
September 221DeLaMatterMattie AliceE.S. DeLaMatter9-3-18755-8-19009-12-1932
September 291DodsonMabelHusband Survives ?? ??9-25-1932
July 211FinchMrs. William ?? ?? ??7-19-1932
August 048FockettByron Raychild of M/M George Fockett ?? ?? 8-1-1932
August 181FrakerArchiedeceased1887 ??8-1-1932
September 154GibbonsHarry Leroyson of M/M Everly J. Gibbons1915 ??9-1932
May 051GillWilliam ??7-14-1857 ??4-30-1932
December 221GoinesL.A.Widow Survives ?? ??12-18-1932
September 151GuthrieMarlen Ardellchild of M/M L.R. Guthie2-10-1932 ??9-14-1932
June 021HayesJ.W. ??11-15-1868 ??5-30-1932
November 171HoskinsCharlesWidow Survives ?? ??11-15-1932
November 248HoskinsWilliam EdwardOleita S. Farrell12-21-18671-2-192511-15-1932
October 067HumeGeorge A. ??1863 ??10-3-1932
June 301IrvineWilliam C.deceased Aug 3,19291-7-1854n/a6-25-1932
June 168JonesWilliam S.Martha A. Jones8-3-1855n/a6-12-1932
December 151KingMartinWidow Survives1847 Ireland ??12-12-1932
September 088KingeryMarion(George) Floyd Kingery ?? ??9-1932
May 197LangfordAda BellKenneth Keppersn/a19294-19-1932
December 156LocusInfantinfant of M/M Locus ?? ??12-9-1932
December 011LovelaceOscar RayGertrude Ford2-4-18804-15-190911-18-1932
September 154MattoxLutherWidow Survives1845 ??9-9-1932
June 091MeekGrantMrs. Grant Meekn/an/a6-4-1932
June 091Meek Mrs. GrantGrant Meekn/an/a6-4-1932
November 171MerchantWallaceWidow Survives1852 ??11-8-1932
November 176MichaelMrs. Phillipdeceased1854 ??11-1932
November 035MillettWeaver A.Olive M. Kelly6-13-191410-30-1932
December 292MolineRaymondson of M/M L.A. Moline1907 ??12-28-1932
June 091NixAlbert Waynechild of M/M Albert Nix11-5-1923 ?? 6-2-1932
December 291OhmeFrank L.unmarried5-8-1897 ??12-23-1932
July 216OlsonPeterdceased 19201862 ??7-1932
May 051PaganucciClara ??3-18-1875 ??5-1-1932
November 102RogersJ.A. ??1867 ??11-1-1932
September 014RovertsonPrince L.Laura Belle Allen, d.192410-1-185518808-28-1932
June 168RoyceAvaDick Royce1906n/a6-13-1932
July 211RutherfordGerald child of M/M Vernon Rutherford1926 ??7-1932
August 251SoharnowPeter C. unmarried1892 ??8-20-1932
August 188SeiverBonita Junechild of M/M Frank Seiver7-7-1930 ??8-14-1932
August 048ShoemakerMaryAndrew Shoemaker1-18714-18997-29-1932
September 081SmithCora (Spanoge)Earnest D. Smith d;193110-25-18637-18-1891 9-3-1932
June 091SmithGlenchild of M/M Frank Smith1923 ??6-2-1932
November 246SommerPetWidow Survives1888??11-21-1932
September 158SpearC.T.L.deceased 19161-23-18548-4-18729-1932
September 221Starling Mrs. EugeneEugene Starling ?? ??9-19-1932
June 161StocktonHarvey L.Elnora Conn10-25-18853-12-19296-13-1932
September 011VanderhoofDr. J.J.Widow Survives ????9-1-1932
December 292WalkingbullEugeneson of M/M Charles Walkingbull3-1932 ??12-22-1932
June 028WatsonMrs. RayRay WatsonIowa19045-21-1932
May 191 Webb, SRGeorge ??7-15-1868 ??5-17-1932
November 248WellsFarley Eugenedeceased1881 N.Y ??11-18-1932
June 091WestlakeMargaretunmarried11-7-1897 ??6-5-1932
June 161WollmanEliza JaneWilliam Charles7-13-1845n/a6-5-1932
May 051YeagerThomas ??n/a ??5-01-1932
November 031YoungElla May(Turpin)Thomas H. Young7-2-18543-17-188410-29-1932

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