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Obituary Index

Obituary index provided by Elona Smith
Retyped in a database format by Walter Owen

April 271AllenMrs. Mabel SwiftChauncey H. Allen7-25-18829-6-19064-19-1933
October 124AllenEdna Maedau of M/M Ed Allen7-22-1921 ??10-8-1933
April 201AllenMrs. C.H.Chauncey H. Allen7-25-18829-6-19064-19-1933
April 204AtteberryWillisMary Isabelle Mauzy, d:19251-24-184618663-31-1933
August 101BellamyFredDorothy Olipahant9-9-187210-13-18938-5-1933
August 101BibbeyVernon Rayson of M/M John Bibbey3-3-1933 ??8-10-1933
June 081BlackburnLela Barton HembyDonald W. Blackburn9-7-18988-19-19226-4-1933
February 091BrownJessie CampbellStanley G. Brown4-2-1898 ??2-4-1933
December 291BryanJames ArthurElla Mae Hays6-18-18625-29-188912-22-1933
June 155CaldwellMrs. R.SR.S. Caldwell ?? ??6-13-1933
July 068Canaday Eunicedau M/M Ralph O.Canaday1921 ??7-5-1933
November 021ClayFrankunmarried1911 ??10-29-1933
December 281DeLaMatterEnos S.Mattie Alice d:9-15-19326-6-18555-8-190012-24-1933
September 078DennisGlen Alvin??1912 ??9-3-1933
November 301DuncanRalph?? ?? ??11-27-1933
May 111DupuyAllie M.dau of M/M M.J. Sperry5-3-1889 ??11-27-1933
May 041DupuyMrs. Allie M.none listed5-3-1889 ??5-4-1933
June 228EatonMerleWidow Survives ?? ??6-16-1933
July 201FergusonEmma Mae WebbFred Ferguson 5-25-18914-18-19087-14-1933
February 255FergusonMarguerite Marieunmarried7-4-1914 ??2-17-1933
July 131FergusonRoyunmarried9-17-1886 ??7-9-1933
August 241FrankGeorgeson of M/M Geo Phillip Frank1-24-1920 ??8-20-1933
August 031GlandtInfantson of M/M G.A. Glandt7-28-1933 ??7-28-1933
November 301GoffMrs. MatildaWilliam Sharp d:3-19143-17-1857187611-29-1933
February 168HeckertMargaret AugustaGeorge E. Heckert. d:19165-25-18563-22-18812-1933
February 091HeckertMrs. Margaretdeceased8-25-1854 ??2-7-1933
February 161Henderson`J.H. (Scotty)widow survives ?? ??2-15-1933
November 164HiegelMrs. JohnJohn Hiegel1908 ??11-15-1933
July 201JergerPaulson of M/M Henry Jerger1-1932 ??7-14-1933
January 191KimbleyMary (Fulton)William Kimbley7-6-18533-20-18781-18-1933
July 278LaconaMrs. LolaAndrew Lacona3-12-1903 ??7-27-1933
October 124LovelaceNelson R.Alive Lore, d: Jan 19252-19-18462-21-187210-6-1933
June 081LundgrenElizabethdau of M/M H. Lundgren, Sr.5-31-1915 ??6-4-1933
March 308MarzelJohn G.Widow Survives ?? ??3-22-1933
September 214McBrideDaniel K.Widow Survives3-30-1873 ?? 9-20-1933
January 011McHenry H.H.deceased4-8-1879 ??1-1-1933
February 238McKinneyKinchWidow Survives1857 ??2-1933
March 028KcKinneyKinchWidow Survives1857 ??2-1933
July 274McNallGeorgedeceased1862 ??7-23-1933
January 125MeredithJonathan C.Laura J. Johnson, d:19319-24-18633-13-18881-5-1933
August 241MoorehouseLilly Mae RodawayJoseph Moorehouse1-20-187510-10-19238-20-1933
July 274MorrisStella Richter??189219087-18-1933
September 141MorriseyAndrew M.unmarried1890 ??9-9-1933
February 091MorrowAgnesS.S. Morrow9-24-1867 ??2-7-1933
December 141NeisiusWilliam H.Rosa Kurth3-26-18753-189512-8-1933
October 053PattersonJames A.??11-15-1864 ??9-11-1933
January 261PearsonFredWidow Survives ?? ??1-24-1933
April 061PerkinsOliver DickeyBessie Ebsen4-19-18901-15-19143-30-1933
September 214PolkIshmaelDaisy M. Deputy9-5-187010-8-18939-13-1933
February 161PrimeMona Lisla dau of M/M Howard Prime10-15-1932 ??2-9-1933
December 141Propps D.H.Widow Survives1876 ??12-11-1933
June 291RundinMae McMahonRev. Walter C. Rundin5-1-18886-22-19106-26-1933
July 068RundinMrs. Mae McMahonRev. Walter C. Rundin5-1-18886-22-19106-26-1933
October 051SakashitaMinaJ.S. Sakashita 10-23-1894 ??9-30-1933
May 161ScrivenJohn EdwardMary Alice Harrison10-7-18579-24-18833-16-1933
August 034ShawverMrs. William H.William H. ShawverIllinios18767-26-1933
August 101ShibuyaGerorge K.Miss. T. Hosaka 7-12-188819228-3-1933
August 034ShipleyArchie L.Daizy Thompson6-16-18661-1-18937-20-1933
November 024SitnerAdam Jr.son of M/M Adam Sitner6-30-1920 ??11-12-1933
February 161SpringerIna WrenDarrel Springer10-23-19058-16-19312-10-1933
February 091StewartInfantson of M/M Henry Stewart3-1932 ??2-19-1933
July 274StollInfantdau of M/M Phillip Stoll7-21-1933 ??7-23-1933
November 024TonkinLeo L.Mrs. Floyd Rider ?? ??10-26-1933
April 201WadeShirley Kathryndau of Louis & Mary Wade2-7-1920 ??4-19-1933
July 061WallaceGeorge O.Widow Survives8-8-1875 ??7-3-1933
April 061WellsJ.A.Widow Survives1846 ??4-5-1933
April 136WellsJerry A.Widow Suirvives8-13-1846 ??4-5-1933
July 065YagerInfantson of M/M Jess Yeager7-5-1933 ??7-5-1933
April 201YatesHarry J.Widow Survives1892 ??4-5-1933

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