Scotts Bluff County
1934 Mitchell Index
Obituary Index

Obituary index provided by Elona Smith
Retyped in a database format by Walter Owen

October 041AdneyChristopherJosephine McCormick5-21-1866189310-4-1934
October 111AdneyChristopherJosephine McCormick5-31-1896189310-4-1934
January 181AthertonEdward R.Widow Survives1884n/a1-15-1934
November 081AyersMrs. Mary ElizabethJohn Judson Ayers9-16-1859 9-13-187911-13-1934
November 221BarnesO.K.Wife Survives1874 ??11-22-1934
November 291BarnesOscar K.Birdie Audrey Baugh1-1-18752-7-190411-22-1934
August 306BatemanMrs. John ??1854 ??8-9-1934
November 081BermudezEustaciason of M/M Juan Bermudez1924 ??11-3-1934
November 081BermudezMaria Jesusdau of M/M Juan Bermudez1932 ??11-3-1934
May 318BinfieldHon. E.E.Carry Story survives7-20-18691-27-18925-27-1934
November 151BowerEdnadau of M/M Alex Bower5-1933 ??11-12-1934
November 151BowersMerl ??1916 ??11-13-1934
January 111BrothwellDarlenedau of M/M Roy Brothwell12-29-1933 ??1-7-1934
January 041BrummettDickyson of Robert S. Brummett2-19-1931 ??12-31-1934
October 041BrunsMrs. Lillian (Smith)Husband Survives ?? ??10-2-1934
August 301BurrowsMrs. J.W.J.W. Burrows1882n/a8-27-1934
June 281CassonEdwardunmarried2-1-1914 ??6-28-1934
April 194CateVelma Lucille (Harrison)survives James L. Cate3-16-19079-20-19244-12-1934
October 041ClarkMrs. Henry S.Henry S. ClarkN.Y. ??9-26-1934
May 313ClayMrs. Fredsm daughter survives ?? ??5-1934
November 151CombsJoe ??1884 ??11-9-1934
March 081ConverseGrettadau of M/M P.J. Converse11-6-1922 ??3-3-1934
August 301CrosClydeMary Cros survives10-7-188411-26-19128-30-1934
March 011DubusAnna Mariedau of M/M Henry Dubus7-1-1916 ??2-25-1934
January 041EarleyZella MayL.M. Earley survives10-7-1876n/a12-29-1934
February 081ElliottW.C.deceased Jan 19251856 ?? 2-1-1934
November 151ElmquistAlvin R. ??1-23-1917 ??11-11-1934
April 121&4ElquestAnnaAmos Elquest survives2-12-18548-5-18754-8-1934
April 191ElquestAnna AndersonAmos Elquest survives2-12-18548-5-18754-8-1934
May 171EwigHenryKartherine Ewig survives1-7-186418855-14-1934
April 261FeathersChristina H.Ed A. Feathers survives2-25-18532-18834-23-1934
June 211FlickingerJohn J.Gilla A. Stanley, d:19015-29-1862 ??6-17-1934
November 221GoldenMartindeceased 1926 ?? ??11-17-1934
September 271GoodwinMaryunmarried5-29-1902 ??9-20-1934
July 191GreenBenona ??1899 ??7-14-1934
July 191HallockHarrydeceased1865 ??7-14-1934
June 281HarveyMrs. Jenette E. (Meyer)Franklin G. Harvey10-5-187110-15-18926-24-1934
December 061HatchIraunmarried5-20-1864 ??12-2-1934
December 271HeldGeorge ?? ?? ??12-16-1934
March 291HendrenRuthdau of M/M E.W. Hendren8-29-1914 ??3-25-1934
January 041HoffMrs. Katherine ??1861 ??1-4-1934
December 131HoldenJames A.Mrs. Vada Holden18821-27-193112-6-1934
November 291HuffmanClarence ??1906 ??11-25-1934
June 078HughesThomas S.widow survives1864 ??6-1-1934
November 291JamesonHarold J.widow survives1909 ??11-25-1934
September 131JohnsonEdwardAmanda Hayworth12-23-185211-9-18769-7-1934
September 061KecklerBruceNorine Britton ?? ??9-4-1934
January 041KentWilliam Ellsworthwidow Anna E.Kent11-17-1860188612-31-1934
August 021LymanWilliamGrace Mowery188619087-25-1934
January 041McAllisterMrs.deceased1871 ??12-31-1934
November 221McClannahanLouannaHarry McClannahan8-28-18807-20-191311-22-1934
May 314McIntoshMrs. ClarenceClarence McIntosh survives1884 ??5-30-1934
May 315McMahonJames P.Mrs. Kate McMahon survives1860 ??5-28-1934
July 191MiyakeHenry ??1882 Japan ??7-13-1934
January 251MorehousePhillipunmarried3-18-1875 ??1-21-1934
February 151MorrowStephen S.Agnes Hard d: feb 19334-4-185319092-11-1934
July 268MortonSadie J. n/a5-15-1872 ??7-20-1934
February 011MurphyMrs. R.E.survivesn/a ??1-31-1934
March 011ParksMrs. Dora Bakersurvives M. Douglas Parks12-5-190510-1-19262-28-1934
March 081ParksMrs. Dora Bakersurvives M. Douglas Parks12-5-190510-1-19262-28-1934
January 254Paulinfantdau of M/M Floyd Paul1-21-1934 ??1-21-1934
August 061PieperHughie Edwardson of M/M Hugo Pieper7-10-1925 ??8-13-1934
September 201PowellMrs. Nora (Parker)A.C.Powell4-13-190319329-10-1934
November 081PrettymanCharlesunmarried12-21-1909 ??11-2-1934
July 265PrinzBerthaErnest Prinz188519057-1934
April 128ProhsWilliam F. ??1885 ??4-8-1934
February 221RodgersJ.W. ?? ?? ??2-1934
August 161SchmidtMiriamdau of M/M Henry Schmidt8-9-1934 ??8-9-1934
May 031SchultzeElla Mae (Lee)William H. Schultze survives12-28-188611-12-18824-30-1934
June 071SentenseyEdward MillardDaisy Morehead survives10-6-18842-29-19116-2-1934
September 201SettlesAlbert M.Molly Furney11-27-18599-28-18959-15-1934
August 231ShultzFloyd G.widow survives1892 ??7-5-1934
May 311SlemmonsFrances JaneMatthew Slemmons survives3-20-18532-5-18793-28-1934
April 191SmithDr. O.O.deceased 1929n/a ??4-16-1934
March 241SperryEdward M.Anna Mae Keimig9-7-18916-2-19173-21-1934
August 021StarlingArlieson of Gene Starling1923 ??7-30-1934
January 041StemlerEdward F.unmarried10-14-1852 ??12-28-1934
January 181StewartDr. Alfred J.survives Mae Quivey 3rd spouse3-22-186819291-13-1934
September 061SurrattThomas E.Tilda Surratt3-1-1857n/a9-3-1934
January 111VandolahGeorge W.widow survivesn/an/a1-9-1934
October 115VanKleeckMaria JaneWilliam Henry Lyman deceased3-10-1847186610-7-1934
July 121VernerMarthan/a1871 ??7-2-1934
June 281WarnerIsaah FredElitha E. Smith6-23-18549-23-18796-24-1934
August 301WatsonD.E.?? ?? ??8-22-1934
August 301WatsonDaniel W.Anna Henningsen survives7-1-1862n/a8-23-1934
August 301WatsonDaniel W. Anna Henningsen survives7-1-1862n/a8-23-1934
October 045WeissMrs. MaryGeorge Weiss8-5-1873n/a9-27-1934
June 281WheelerOliverdeceased Jan 19255-30-1870 ??6-24-1934
January 254WilsonJohn PeterAlice Richard survives11-11-18679-10-18901-20-1934
October 181WombleDr. Leigh H.widow survivesn/a7-5-193410-18-1934
January 181YoungTomElla M.Turpin d:19227-2-186018841-17-1934

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